Fused Glass Droplet Craft Kit


Orders placed for kits and made to order after the 5th of December will still be processed but I can not guarantee delivery in time for Christmas.  

This 11 piece fused glass droplet craft kit will get your creativeness flowing and provide you with some me time. You choose two colours from a selection, I will then send you a kit based on your colour choice along with a full instructions. Also in the kit your will get a pot of cream glass (French Vanilla), some sparkly iridised glass and a pot of a mini random mix. Each piece is approx 2cm x 5cm.

Private guest access to web gallery for further inspiration and help including a video guide. Like in my workshops I do not tell you what to do - I simply show you what effects you can create by using the different glass elements included in the craft kit and you can do the rest.

Additional colours and droplet pieces are available to purchase - please see 'extras for craft kits'. Once you have finished your droplets, return it to me for firing - postage is included. The original box and all its contents to be returned as I re-use any waste along with the packaging for future kits. I will aim to return your fired droplets within 2 weeks. This kit is not suitable for children.