Personalised Coaster Fused Glass Craft Kit (Pair)

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This fused glass coaster craft kit will get your creativeness flowing and provide you with some me time. Choose three colours from the selection below for your pair of coasters. I will then send you a kit based on your colour choice along with a full instructions.

Reds, Yellows, Oranges, Purple & Pink Mix, Blue & Aqua Mix, Greens, White & Cream Mix, Black & Grey Mix, Brown & Bronze Mix.

I offer guidance so you can unleash your own creativity  - I show you what effects you can create by using the different glass elements included in the craft kit and you can do the rest - I am always amazed what people come up with. It brings me so much joy when posting your fired mini pieces of art back to you.

I will aim to return your fired pair of coasters within 2 weeks. This kit is not suitable for children.