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This is to go alongside the fused glass craft kits. If you get stuck at any point or need any support please feel free to 'ask for help' via the contact form at the bottom the page.

There is no time limit to complete your kit - just be aware it may take up to two weeks for me to fire and ship your finished pieces.

Video Demonstrations

These are to follow!

Opening the box!

Hopefully you have managed this as you are here! Make yourself familiar with the contents of your kit. Don't worry about the hooks - I will be attaching them before firing.

Remember to use glue.

Once you have thought about your design - lay out a few larger pieces to see how they fit before applying the glue. It does not matter which side you use.

Background first.

Using the confetti glass as your background layer this can provide some lovely effects. Note that some glass is transparent so you can see through it, the other is opal which will block anything that is behind it.

Work in layers.

Once you are happy with the background layer (if you want one) then build up your design using different elements of glass from your kit.

Adding extra glue.

Dip what you want to add in glue, either in the lid or using the spatula, or apply glue to the background layer but this can move your original pieces.

Using confetti glass.

If the confetti is the wrong size you can 'snap' it with your fingers - but be careful as it can fly off. I usually have a piece of paper over my hands to prevent it flying off.

Leave for 24 hrs.

Please leave your pieces for 24 hours for the glue to fully set. Make sure to re-stick any pieces that have come loose.

Please take photos and email them to me with your order number.

Fired fused glass.

Here is one of the fired bauble from the previous photos - they fire smooth as I use a 'full fuse' schedule which fully melts the surface of the glass.

Using clear frit.

Included in your kit is a little pot of clear and irid mix. Here is an example of the bubble watercolour effect it can create. The irid clear has a very subtle metallic finish - which reflects in the light.

Droplet kit.

One of my craft kit customers made these lovely seascape droplets.


These are unfired finished bunting pieces made from a kit.

Fired pieces.

These are the finished fired pieces. Colours used in this kits were yellow and orange.

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