Finally things are starting to get back to some sort of normality if that is possible. My toddler (Sam) is part time back at pre-school and our new workshop is up and running, still a few finishing touches like mains electricity - we will get there one day. On the whole a sense of calmness and the feeling that time is on my side once again ie: I have some time alone - vital me time as I do struggle with anxiety if I am constantly surrounded by noise with no escape.

I thought I would catch up with you and for those who don't follow me on social media start using my blog to let you know what I have been up to. So here goes....
Apparently on Instagram I have done 99 stories - who knew I had been that busy?!?
Today I think I will give you a highlight of my favourite 3 stories from the Insta.
Firstly since my last blog post back in January I have added to my fused glass craft kit experience and I have designed and put together a 'droplet' kit.
These seascape droplets were made with the first kit that went out to a customer - just absolutely love how much she created from the kit. I am not great at doing landscapes - I get too hung up on small details and end up not enjoying the creativeness, in turn this defeats the object of some creative mindful time. Her chosen colours for the kit were blue and green. Each droplet kit comes with a mini pot of randomness and a pot of a lovely colour called French Vanilla which is a lush cream that can 'react' with glass that contains copper, lead and silver. Click on the link if you would like to find out more about my droplet fused glass kit.
My second highlight is a recent Etsy reviews - I make fused glass bunting to order. You choose the colours and I get making, this particular customer included a photo of her bunting in situ. I know I few of my customers have hung their bunting up in the garden which I think is a lovely idea to add some evergreen splashes of colour. For ages I have wanted to make myself some for our little garden but I can't decide what colours and where to hang them! It made my day when I read her review - like with every review and your kind words they mean so much to me. My main business aim is to bring joy and happiness to others.
Finally I have a new product on the way ..... which meant a spending spree at Warm Glass my supplier for all things glass related. They have been amazing through all the lockdowns this past year and a bit - allowing hundreds of us to carry on fusing and all the other fancy things you can make from glass.
This is my latest delivery from Warm Glass - spot out the obvious rainbow theme, normally I use clear glass and add the colour by using crushed coloured glass called frit with all my work - this time I thought I would go even more vibrant and colourful by using coloured glass for the background. Most of my work depends how I feel on the day and grab pots of random colours (this way of working doesn't always go to plan) - after doing a couple of business courses during lockdowns I have decided I need to plan more and review what works and what doesn't. Bunting has always been a best seller for me and droplets have recently pipped them at the post. So I thought I would go a bit bolder with my bunting and droplet designs..... watch this space!
Thank you for your time and continued support - if you are a newbie to my world of fused glass, my toddler and the pug - welcome, please do come and have a look around my website. Click and sign up to my newsletter.
August 25, 2021 — Miriam Beig
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