Bits and Blogs

Making rainbows

I am currently sat in the garden with a brew - my rainbow work is complete for the day. The kiln is on with some fused glass bunting firing up to 800°c - which in total takes around 10hrs.

Where does the time go?

These seascape droplets were made with the first kit that went out to a customer - just absolutely love how much she created from the kit. I am not great at doing landscapes -

January Blues

As you may or not know I am currently in the process of launching fused glass craft kits to make at home. To ensure the contents of the kits work and provide people as much choice as possible, similar to my in house workshops....

Getting my hands dirty!

I have started spreading some Christmas cheer - by giving something back for all the support my friends, family and customers have provided in 2020.

Tiny Scribe writes about Made by Miriam.

I feel a tad famous when a client wrote an amazing blog after she attended a fused glass workshop.